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Welcome To ED3N

A Private Luxurious Cannabis Resort


Trailblazing Ideology

Ed3n's sole purpose is to create a platform for the revitalizing agriculture and cannabis job force. Giving a chance of true inclusion to people of all colors, race, sex, religion and creed. Making normalization educational while the spine of the new work force is bringing innovation to the local and statewide economy. All in all, changing the world for the better.

7-Phase Build Out

  1. Land and Agriculture Build-Out

  2. Zoning / Licensing 

  3. Foundation / Contruction

  4. Establishing Vendors / Hiring all Staff

  5. Final Approvals for Compliance / Safety Checks

  6. Test Runs / Soft Openings

  7. Grand Opening


During your experience at Ed3n we believe in creating a phenomenal culture that takes out the guesswork of having a great consumption experience. In addition, giving guests the ease of comfort with 100% consumption and their privacy in which they will be able to let down their guards about how they consume on campus. Not only are we offering step away amenities that gives you the comfort of home; as well as state of the art technology growing our cannabis too.


At Ed3n Inc we believe in innovation through collaboration. Creating a platform that empowers POC startups with our accelerator program through the business-driven innovation for Ed3n. With our program Ed3n is giving the spotlight to looked over small businesses endorsing a new market for upcoming entrepreneurs. Our innovation program aims to help startups in stages that are in the seed stage; creating the catalyst for weed expansion where they have established market entry strategies and engaged with their target market

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Meet The Team


T.A. Johnson

CEO & Founder


Marz Childress

Vice President &

Co- Founder


Mike Roth

Legal Counsel


Adrian Valenzula

Logistics Officer


Eric Rosen

Business Realtions

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Ed3n Logo White trans png (1).png
Ed3n Logo White trans png (1).png
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Frequently Asked Questions

A luxury Cannabis haven with over 100 acres of land, cultivation centers and organic farming. Ed3n will be the future of cannabis consumption with premier shops, commercial kitchens and  food establishments. An innovation hub for upcoming entrepreneurs with businesses from luxury resorts to our list of retail shops.[ spas, CBD Pet Shops, Cannabis coffee/ice cream shops and revolutionary dinning experiences, etc.] We aim to become the primary cannabis destination that will be the talk of the town.

We aren't talking your average resort, Ed3n is the first of its kind to ever be done in history. Guests will have a modern and innovative experience from being able to order budtenders services directly to their room; to dining with infused and non-infused restaurants in addition to shopping organically with our fresh on-site produce. Come to our relaxing, luxurious haven to experience true euphoria.

Through efforts of charitable donations as well as promoting sustainable living and reducing our carbon footprint; Ed3n will become a resort of the future and given a little bit of shine to the green life. With the plan to engage and include local businesses in the area as well as creating jobs in a booming economy. Ed3n will be the mecca of empowerment, cannabis, and true social equity.

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